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Freezing and Confectioning

Do you need to quickly and safely freeze a large quantity of products? We offer professional services for freezing, confectioning and cold storage of food.


The MERDA blast freezers can accommodate large quantities of goods, such as 30,000 units of stewing hens. Products are frozen at -35°C, thanks to modern technology reaching -18°C in just 12 hours.


We have meticulous quality control at every stage: from receiving your products to packing and arranging them. When using our services, you can freeze meat as well as fruits and vegetables.


We have a modern cold store for frozen food. It can accommodate 1,000 pallets, and the temperature is constant at -25°C. Specialised thermometers regularly check the cooling level.

Care about safety

Thanks to our comprehensive control system over the freezing, confectioning and storage processes, you can be confident that all your products stay fresh for a long time.

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Your laying hens have reached the end of their productive life? We purchase laying hens in the quantity of more than 8,000 units from breeders in Poland and Western Europe. We offer a proper live poultry catching and handling service as well as professional transportation in trailers equipped with the watering system.
Looking for a reliable stewing hen vendor? We offer high-quality chicken carcasses and poultry meat elements. Each of our products has a certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI) and is subjected to comprehensive control: from receipt at the breeder, through the slaughtering process, preparation and freezing, up to packaging.
Need a professional and reliable transport for large quantities of live poultry, meat or products requiring a fixed temperature of -18°C? We offer a modern fleet for transporting live poultry and specialised refrigerated trucks, accommodating 20 tons of goods net at a time.